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  • Chemical Physics Preprint Database
    "Brown University and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) provide the Chemical Physics Preprint Database. This database is intended to provide a means for rapid and efficient preprint distribution within the international chemical physics community. Designed to be useful for education and research purposes, it allows users to retrieve and submit research papers electronically via the Internet, which is possible through email, anonymous FTP, and WWW servers. The abstracts can be viewed in HTML format, while the full-text articles are available in .ps format. The database is searchable by subject, abstract, year, title, and author. Research papers submitted since 1994 are available."
  • Industrie-Job
    Stellenangebote und -gesuche, Karriere- und Bewerbungstipps, Weiterbildung u.a.
  • Los Alamos e-Print archive
    Augsburger Mirror-Server des Los Alamos e-Print Archive
  • Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive (mp_arc)
    "The University of Texas-Austin's Mathematics Department houses this excellent Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive. With abstracts and papers organized by year (1991-present), this free service lets users deposit papers in an electronic format over the Web or by email. Users may also access papers (by email, FTP, Gopher, wais, HTTP). In addition, the service supplies weekly updates. This site offers a substantial archive for those interested in mathematical physics."
  • A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis
    "Researchers dealing with time series data will find this powerful resource extremely helpful. Drs. Christopher Torrence (National Center for Atmospheric Research) and Gilbert Compo (NOAA/ CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center) have put together this Website for researchers interested in using wavelet analysis, a technique that decomposes a time series into time-frequency space. The site provides information on both the amplitude of any periodic signals within the series, and how this amplitude varies with time. The nicely written introductory section (Wavelet Analysis & Monte Carlo) is complete with algorithms, graphically illustrated examples, and references (including some links). First time users may wish to consult the on-site article 'A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis', originally published in 1998 (.pdf format), or browse the FAQ section. The heart of the site is the Interactive Wavelet Plots section; here, users may experiment with wavelet analysis using time series data provided at the site (i.e., Sea Surface Temperature, Sunspots) or provided by the user. As if that weren't enough, the site also offers free Wavelet software (Fortran, IDL, or Matlab; acknowledgment required) and several abbreviated data sets for experimentation."
  • UMI Dissertation Abstracts
    "... is an online search interface offering access to the most recent three months of the Dissertation Abstracts database."

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